The coastal and hilly landscape of Calabria can be both steep and gentle. Here the olive trees become ancient woods and strive for space amongst vineyards and orchards.

Here the olive trees make not only a sea of silver green that vibrates under the Mediterranean sun but they are also a tradition that gets lost in the legend: a legend passed from generation to generation thanks to the love and the respect that this tree and its precious and wonderful fruit deserve.

This area expresses its vocation to the cultivation of olives in different ways. Producers choose the finest local varieties; their production methods are meticulous and make use of the oldest experience, with the aim of emphasizing the tradition of a typical production, well known and appreciated by the connoisseurs.

This is the heritage that the Sagario family has collected with the commitment to keeping alive the complex art of producing olive oils and all its rules. Quality for Sagario means to cultivate the olives trees with all the care that allows to obtain a high and constant productivity; to pick the fruits at the right time, by hand; to select the varieties and the batches with competence; to work combining hand crafted systems with advanced technologies which ensure the highest levels of hygiene and a reliable and very good production.

Sagario’s strong commitment to make only ‘good things’ has given birth to a range of organic extra virgin oils and olive oils, produced according to an ancient and complex knowledge, to satisfy the most different tastes and gastronomic habits.

The Sagario mill oil is born from the finest varieties of olives, picked when perfectly ripe, unblemished, with firm flesh, coming from the hills of northern Calabria. The olives brought to the mill are carefully checked and ready to be processed with the use of very modern equipment. The fruits are separated from the leaves, washed in clear water, dried and then brought to the crushing process. The paste obtained after the phase of grinding stays in stainless steel tanks, where it is kneaded for a certain length of time and after the oily particles have been released, the spinning starts.

At this stage, without water added, exclusively exploiting the spinning force generated by the biphasic integral system, the oil is cold extracted from the mass and through specific pipes, carried and stored in steel tanks, situated in a room at constant temperature.

After a certain time of natural setting, the oil is filtered through a cotton cloth. This is to purify it from all the residues without depriving it of its opaque and veiled feature, typical of the noble oils.

Now the Sagario mill oil is ready to be bottled (in the same establishment) with machines at high technology, in glass containers and cans of various capacities and shapes and it is ready to be put on the market, with a good-looking and attractive package and a brand name which highlights its faultless quality.